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Reds + Greens

Reds & Greens Covers Your Bases


  • The simple delicious way to get your 5 to 7 servings of fruit and veg a day
  • Covers your nutritional bases to prevent gaps in your diet
  • Helps prevent micronutrient Deficiencies due to over farmed soil

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Reds & Greens delivers:

Organic Plant Based Micronutrition

Getting a variety of plant foods is a foundational element to a healthy diet. Reds & Greens makes plant based micronutrition easy and delicious!

Healthy Weight

Helps to ensure optimal nutrition when dieting. Getting all of your micronutrients in when cutting carbs and calories can be challenging. Reds & Greens fills in any gaps.

Cardiovascular Support

The polyphenol rich Red foods contained in Reds & Greens are consistently associated with improved heart health across a wide range of studies.

Boost Natural Energy

Increasing your Reds & Greens intake is one of the simplest ways to increase your natural energy levels without caffeine.

Reds + Greens

Reds + Greens


  • Order 2 bottles of Reds + Greens (must total 99.98) and receive completely FREE shipping!
  • Reds + Greens comes with an iron-clad, or Your Money Back Guarantee!

Note: If you have any questions regarding Reds + Greens (or anything else) please get in contact with us via email or use the chat icon below.

Our iron-clad guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 60-day Fat-free Guarantee. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund on your first bottle. It's simple as that! We value your satisfaction above anything else.

What’s in Reds + Greens?

High Antioxidant Reds

High nitrate red superfoods blend supports cardiovascular health as well as enhanced athletic recovery through increased nitric oxide production.

In addition, research suggests that the red superfoods in Reds + Greens may improve cognitive function.

Organic Greens Blend

The organic greens blend in Greens + Reds makes getting leafy greens easy.
Organic Greens blend contains a mix of key vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cofactors that support a healthy and robust immune system.

Staying away from sickness is one of the best ways to ensure elite recovery so you don't miss precious training days.

Immune Support

While we already talked about the Organic Greens blends role in improving immune function, we also include medicinal mushrooms and turmeric for their anti inflammatory as well as adaptogenic properties.

Hard physical training can tax the body leading to performance decrements. Adaptogens are compounds that help the body respond to stress more efficiently keeping performance levels high and stress levels in check.

Digestive Enzymes

Eating, especially when eating to grow, can deplete the digestive enzyme pool over time.

This can lead to bloating a nd poor digestion and absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat.

The digestive enzyme blend in Reds + Greens can help make sure that your digestive enzyme pool is optimal and that you make the nutrition in your food.

After all, you are what you assimilate

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Greens and Reds taste good?

Yes! Keep in mind that its not a preworkout, so while it is a little bit harder to flavor, it really does taste good. We have tried several similar products, and though we may be biased, we nailed the flavor and Greens + Reds is one of the best tasting products of its kind.

Are there any side effects?

The ingredients in Reds + Greens are whole food extracts that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and fully compliant with FDA regulations. These ingredients have a long track record of both safety and efficacy. With that said, it is possible, though very rare, for someone to have an adverse reaction due to a sensitivity to any ingredient. As such, if you have any kind of adverse reaction, please discontinue use and contact us.

Does it really boost immune function?

The immune system is incredibly complex, so it is impossible to say if a specific person will see a specific, measurable result. With that said, the greens as well as the immune support blend of adaptogens have a long history of use to support immune function in eastern medicine as well as a growing body of western studies supporting their efficacy. That said, supplements are not substitutes for proper medical care and or immunizations.

What can I expect from Greens + Reds?

Greens + Reds will help address gaps in micronutrition, curb inflammation, support healthy immune function, and improve your stress response. With consistent use you should notice improved recovery from exercise, less seasonal sickness, higher natural energy levels and sense of well being. These will vary person to person, based on factors both environmental and genetic that are far too numerous to list here.

Can I stack Natty God with other supps?

Because Greens + Reds is 100% natural and safe, you can stack it with your other supplements. It can be stacked safely with a multi vitamin/mineral, omega 3, or any other general health or sports supplements you take.